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Meet the Maker

Hi there, I'm Emily.


I’m the face and artist behind Swimming Fox Studio. A self-taught ceramicist that has always had a love for sculpting through all the stages of life I’ve come through (thus far). Swimming Fox Studio was a created officially in 2017. However when I bought my first kiln in 2016, that’s when I felt like I had finally found my art form.

I started noodling to seeing what the clay could and couldn’t do (So. Many. Explosions. in this phase) And as I created I started to find my style.


One of my earliest designs was a little fox that swam through the table surface, while chatting on the phone with my Mom, I explained the design, and said “It’s a little swimming fox.” Mom repeated “Swimming fox... Swimming Fox... that would be a good business name for you.”

After that the rest was history as they say.